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Automate Your Warehouse and Freight Transport with Ease

On today’s episode of Supply Chain Innovators, we spoke with the Co-Founder and CEO of CartonCloud, Vincent Fletcher. CartonCloud provides powerful freight and logistics management software for SMEs.

You Will Learn:

  • How their combined warehouse and transport management system can improve your bottom line, increase productivity, slash admin by up to 80%, and reduce error margins

  • Why the quality of their implementation and support teams are just as important as their sales team

  • What Vincent would do differently if he could go back to starting the company

Is CartonCloud Right For you?

  • CartonCloud is ideal for a 3rd party logistics company doing warehousing and/or transport and is between 2 and 25 million with a staff of 2-150 people.

  • If you are looking for one software that can take care of your freight and logistics


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