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Building Live Digital Twins of Real-World Operations

On today’s episode of Supply Chain Innovators, we spoke withthe Co-Founder and CEO of Worlds, Dave Copps. builds live digital twins of real-world operations, in order to capture processes occurring on the ground floor and transform them into a live data stream.


The podcast discusses a new 4D infrastructure for building the industrial metaverse that enables companies to incorporate AI-based automation into their operations. The platform promises to solve supply chain problems by identifying blind spots and providing data-driven insights. The company creates live digital twins that sync all sensors, people, and processes together in space and time, offering frictionless measurement of real-world environments. The podcast also touches on the idea of artificial intelligence cannibalizing itself, and the importance of mindset and pursuing perfection in entrepreneurship.

“If you think about supply chain in general, what's made it so difficult is not, one or two huge problems. It's 100 small problems.... so this idea of creating a metaverse for a distribution company and eventually connecting that with other metaverses, that's the Holy Grail, where you know what's happening between, say, a trucking company, a distribution company.”

AI Takeaways:

The podcast discusses the potential for language models, such as Chat GPT, to be incorporated into product building, allowing for voice-activated configuration and automation of systems. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the interface between people and technology. While it may threaten jobs, the technology also has the potential to elevate the quality of work. However, the speed of technological change poses a challenge, as the necessary elevation may not be happening quickly enough. Companies like GitHub are already implementing such technologies, such as their copilot tool, which writes code.

“Here's my concern about it, though... I think by 2027 I read, all of the information that Chat GPT can learn from will be in it. By 2027, it will have all that information in it and learned. So what's it learning from after that? Well, probably a lot of what it's going to be learning from is its own creations. People are going to be using it to create things. It will be published and then that becomes the things that it learns from. So it's almost like cannibalizing itself.”

Entrepreneurship Takeaways:

In this podcast, the speaker emphasizes the importance of mindset for entrepreneurs. He advises young entrepreneurs to remember that their situation is not their fate, and it's how they choose to deal with a situation that determines their fate. The pursuit of perfection should be a process rather than a destination, and it's essential to live life as a creation, taking actions to achieve the desired outcome. The speaker also highlights the significance of persistence and avoiding a reactive mindset by choosing to build a business or live a life as a creation.

“So my thing is the one thing you carry with you everywhere is your mindset”
“.. your situation is not your fate. So whenever you have bad things happen because they will happen, know that your situation is not your fate. It's how you choose to deal with a situation that determines your fate. Fate is malleable. It's not fixed”


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