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Responsible Sourcing Network Built By Climate Scientist

On today’s episode of Supply Chain Innovators, we spoke with the CEO of SupplyShift, Alex Gershenson. SupplyShift is an end-to-end supply chain data management, responsible sourcing, and supplier engagement platform.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Alex started his career as a climate scientist, worked his way to environmental consulting and then created this tool to help suppliers navigate climate and other environmental topics

  • How they started with pioneers of sustainability, very much in-depth work and now are excited to work with companies in the beginning of the journey

  • Why procurement professionals are not only looking at their suppliers in the traditional metrics but also in environmental and social metrics.

Is SupplyShift Right For you?

  • SupplyShift is really excited to work with companies that recognize the need for responsible sourcing solutions but aren't even sure where they should focus. They can provide them with pathways of things that are a priority for their industry and then they can engage with their suppliers and start their journey.

  • The typical size are large companies 500 million and up

  • If you are looking for a network where you can talk to your suppliers


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