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How Topl Uses Blockchain to Create a More Transparent Supply Chain

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

In today’s episode of Supply Chain Innovators, we speak with Timothy Marx, the President of Topl. Topl empowers corporations, startups, and nonprofits to unlock the value of their positive global impact, by using the world's first blockchain built for impact tracking, tokenization, and transaction.

You Will Learn:

  • How companies can use their positive global impact to create more capital, to do more positive for the world.

  • Why transparency to customers on products they are purchasing is the future.

  • The additional transparency can enable new ways of doing business and have a bottom-line impact.

  • Topl not only has the blockchain layer but also has applications built on top of the blockchain.

Imagine brand journeys from farm to fork, following jewelry from the design house to someone's footsteps, proof that every aspect of a Tea company's journey is certified organic and fair trade.

Blockchain and new products:

There are two layers, the Blockchain layer, and the products:

Blockchain layer customers:

  1. A supply chain traceability or tracking platform that wants to add blockchain to the already existing tool.

  2. Corporations or large enterprises that want to start tracking along the blockchain so they take the platform that exists, plug it into API, and then into the blockchain. This in turn will let them write to the blockchain.

Blockchain + new products:

  • Coming in early 2023 they will be able to give impact companies the ability to connect with stakeholders like never before by focussing on brand awareness and enhancement.

  • Tools that can not only help brands tell their stories but also help the certification agencies see and understand what is happening at every touch point.

  • Carbon credits and tracking capabilities.

  • Build impact economies, combine registry and traceability.

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