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How to Future-Proof Your EDI Infrastructure

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

On today’s episode of Supply Chain Innovators, we spoke with the Founder and CEO of Orderful, Erik Kiser. Orderful, is a Modern EDI Platform that gives logistics providers, retailers, manufacturers, and technology companies full control to onboard, manage and resolve all of your EDI trading partner relationships and transactions in real-time.

You Will Hear:

  • About a modern API approach to the legacy flat file data trading business to business process.

  • The key to spending less resources when onboarding partners.

  • How the API brings the average go live time from 8-12 weeks to 9 days or less.

“Offer a modern API approach to this legacy flat file data trading business to business process but also bringing the go live time down.”

Is Orderful Right For you?

  • Orderful is different from other companies as they solve problems with technology, not humans.

  • The API is agnostic on the backend system.

  • Are you spending too many resources onboarding partners?


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