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Navigating the Cannabis Supply Chain: Lessons from Lucid Green

In this episode, we are excited to welcome Jacob Haworth, Senior Vice President of Operations at Lucid Green, a company that provides operational efficiency and brand marketing solutions to cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers. By leveraging their innovative technology, Lucid Green helps companies reduce costs, increase transparency, and drive revenue in the highly-regulated cannabis industry.

Join us as we explore the impact of Lucid Green's supply chain solutions and brand marketing strategies on the cannabis industry, and how their approach is changing the game for companies navigating this complex space. Let's dive in and learn more about the intersection of supply chain management and cannabis with Jacob Haworth on the podcast.


Lucid Green was founded in 2018 by Paul Botto and Larry Levy with the mission of creating trust and transparency in the cannabis space. They have created a QR code that is embedded into compliance labels of any cannabis product which resolutes to a consumer page providing information such as dosage recommendations, reviews, certificate of analysis related to that exact batch etc. Lucid Green also helps brands create loyalty programs through their unique codes on packages, allowing them better data insights for decision-making. Prior to this technology companies had an extremely manually intensive process trying to manage all documentation leading up label production with lots of wasted time and potential mistakes throughout the value chain.


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