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Robotics to Automate Repetitive Manual Tasks

This episode of the "Supply Chain Innovators" podcast featured Kacper Nowicki, Co-Founder and CEO of Nomagic, a company that is working towards revolutionizing the way e-commerce retailers manage their warehouses through the use of robots. Nomagic's solution involves automating the manual tasks in warehouses using robots. The company offers a full-service solution with remote operators, including monitoring and maintenance.


During the interview, Nowicki discussed how Nomagic has developed a core product with different capabilities for various use cases, such as shuttle systems, order preparation, batch picking, packing, and sorter induction. The robots primarily use suction systems to pick up items but are also developing finger grippers for certain items. They believe in bringing their products to a point where customers are amazed and love them, solving their problems well.

The name "NoMagic" comes from the Clark law that sufficiently advanced technologies are indistinguishable from magic. The company is experiencing significant growth and plans to expand further into the market. Nowicki emphasized that the future of logistics is important due to the societal infrastructure it provides, especially as older generations retire and smaller ones enter the job market, leaving millions of vacant jobs in many countries like Germany.

Nomagic believes that automating tedious and repetitive manual jobs will help society operate smoothly while providing fulfilling jobs for younger generations. As the market for such automation is still early, there is

competition among startups in the space. However, Nomagic is confident that their focus on customer satisfaction and understanding their problems will lead to a successful company.

For those interested in following Nomagic's journey, they recommend following them on LinkedIn for updates on progress and videos of what the robots are doing. With their innovative soluti

ons, Nomagic is undoubtedly a company to keep an eye on as they continue to disrupt and innovate in the world of logistics.


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