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Transportation as an Employee Benefit

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

In today’s episode of Supply Chain Innovators, we speak with Ryan McManus about how transportation as an employee benefit can help companies’ current workforce, attract future employees and remove that transportation barrier to your company’s success.

You Will Learn:

  • How SHARE Mobility chose an industry and then looked for an opportunity and problem to solve.

  • Why your employee's commute is the first link in the supply chain.

  • Why transportation as an employee benefit is inevitable.

  • How you can lower your carbon footprint for ESG reporting, reduce carbon footprint.

“Giving a family an extra 5k a year can be life-changing”

Is SHARE Mobility Right For You?

  • Great for 100 -200 employees, 2-3 shifts, and the workforce coming from an urban area.

  • Think about this like employee health insurance. You can have your own plan or you can be a part of a group plan.

  • Account SHARE Mobility and they book through the app, then it works like a school bus.

  • Company process: set up with HR and use technology to figure out benefits first.

  • Rider process: create a login on the app, book through the app, meet at a location, ride bus/van with fellow employees

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