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The Reinvention of the Shipping Container

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

On today’s episode of Supply Chain Innovators, we spoke with the Co-Founders of AELER, Naïk Londono and David Baur. Now to start us off, did you know the shipping container has not been upgraded in 50+ years? This is where AELER comes in, they are reinventing the shipping container and the entire ecosystem around it.


David Baur and Naïk Londono are the founders of AELER, a company that is reinventing shipping containers and the entire ecosystem around them. David is from a microengineering background and Nike has experience in biotechnology as well as industrial IoT companies.

They admire Procter & Gamble for their willingness to test out new ideas, such as Flexperts and Project 44, which are trying to create change in the industry.

Aeler's main offering focuses on efficiency, sustainability, and transparency by using state-of-the-art technology embedded within its containers to offer full visibility during transport. The goal of this technology is to provide customers with flexibility and peace of mind when shipping goods across different countries.


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